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Upholding and respecting internationally recognized human rights is a major criterion of good governance. Moreover, respect for human rights is a critical requirement for sustainable development. Governments and citizens need to be informed of the commitments of their respective states to human rights and their performances in implementing them.

Information presented here is about
  1. A state's position with regard to the seven major United Nations conventions; the eight major International Labour Organization conventions pertaining to human rights; pertinent regional agreements and similar declarations, as well as the state's reservations on UN conventions.
  2. Human rights institutions in each state, including governmental structures, national institutions, parliamentary committees on human rights, and finally non-governmental organizations active in the field of human rights.
  3. Achievements in the area of human rights according to good governance indicators, namely: rule of law, participation, transparency and women's rights.
  4. Difficulties obstructing state efforts to enforce human rights and public freedoms (liberties), as well as future programs introduced to enhance these rights and freedoms (liberties).
  5. Human rights publications and issuances in each state.
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